20th November 2009

I have been preaching about ACS for a while now – a dedicated hearing conservation company that claims to produce the ‘ultimate listening experience’ in the shape of its custom-fit in ear monitors. I have owned a pair of ACS custom-fit earplugs for quite some time now, and wouldn’t even consider entering a club without them in, but up to now I have had to take the word of every journalists and musician I’ve hooked ACS up with regarding the unbeatable clarity of sound and comfort of it’s in ear monitors.

For months PUNK has been securing features in titles such as Stuff, Zoo, Sunday Times, Runners World to Mixmag, DJ Mag and even Poker Player Magazine, with journalist reviews including words such as ‘revolutionary’, ‘miraculous’, unbelievable’.

With prices ranging from £220 – £600, I’ve always considered them a pure luxury item – something I’d love to own, but could live without – how wrong was I?! As a result of that foamy stuff squirted in my ears two weeks previously to create the moulds of my ears, I am now the proud owner of a pair of PUNK branded T2s, as used by the likes of Lily Allen, U2, The Prodigy, Eddie Halliwell and Judge Jules to name a few.

When I plugged them in to my ipod and set upon my usual treadmill run, I discovered what all the fuss is about. These strange looking creations that fit snugly in my lugholes, produce sound like I’ve never heard it before. I become deaf to the world due to the complete noise isolation they give, but NOT to the music. When that comes – WOW! The dynamic range, the richness, the pure power.

The driving bassline that could keep me driving for days, the words of the songs all become clear – so Michael Jackson was never singing “You’re a vegetable, I love you”?! – truly unbelievable sound, and they look really cool too, with the option of having any design you want, or just simple discrete clear.

They’re not cheap, but you can’t put a price on your hearing, and these enable you to enjoy music safely and to the full! If you love music, these are essential and well worth every penny. What a Christmas present they’d make! I’m in love!

ear pic

Helen Conyers – director at PUNK


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