Eddie Halliwell – The Greatest DJ Of All Time

21st September 2010

The most hotly anticipated poll in dance music history has now launched – MIXMAG’S GREATEST DJ OF ALL TIME and EDDIE HALLIWELL has deservedly been shortlisted.

Over the next few months, Mixmag is asking dance music lovers to make history by taking part in the most important DJ poll ever by voting for their greatest DJ of all time.
EDDIE HALLIWELL may be the youngest talent among this list of dance music greats, but this bears no hold on his technical proficiency and awe inspiring stage presence. No other DJ reads and connects with the crowd as Eddie does, no other DJ can bring a room alive like Eddie and no other DJ comes anywhere near.

Pioneer of dance music, Judge Jules gave his opinion on why Eddie IS the greatest DJ of all time: “Eddie looks in to people’s eyes and he performs. Incredible stage performance, incredible skills, and an almost telepathic ability to read a crowd – Eddie’s got everything.”

Show your support for the greatest DJ and performer of all time, and vote for Eddie Halliwell by visiting www.greatest.dj/eddie-halliwell

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